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SambhUya R Energy [SRE] has been working in renewable energy field, especially in Biogas. SambhUya means being collaborated or partnered. SambhUya Renewable Energy is synergy with ability to renew. We have collaborations with various national and international biogas technology companies. This helps us to offer Appropriate and Reliable Biogas Systems to the client.

Double Membrane Biogas Storage System

We are associated with Baur Folien GmbH, Germany based company, as an authorised representative in India. We do installations and provide the service in India for complete Double Membrane Biogas Storage System used in Biogas based Power Generation and Bio-CNG Projects
Double membrane gas storages can be installed on containers as well as in the form of external gas storages. The outer membrane provides protection against effects of the weather. The inner membrane is flexible and varies according to the produced amount of gas. Shape and colour of these storages can be customized according to your wishes and requirements.
Digester Mounted Spherical Balloon
Digester Mounted Conical Balloon
Ground Mounted Balloon


Net and Belt System
Over & Under Pressure Safety Valves
Air Blower System
  In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of other accessories as below:
      • Suitable level measurement system
      • Heating system for the valve
      • Membrane stabilization belts
      • Sight view window
      • Support air pressure measurement sensor


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